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I was referred to Carpe Diem tutoring by an OHS math teacher. One of the best referrals ever. I have three very different children with different styles of learning. Tika quickly adapted to each child. She gave them skills in math as well as other areas of school. She was easy to interact with & very flexible. She always had time to squeeze my son's in for some last minute help. There is no better money spent than investing in my children's future. Thank you Tika & CarpeDiem.   ~ Stacey K. (parent)

CarpeDiem Academics is outstanding. Tika helped my son raise his math grade almost two letter grades in a short period time. She had a great rapport with him which made him eager to learn. He never complained about going. He really enjoyed working with her. You can tell she truly enjoys what she does. She really cares about her students. She made sure to get to know him and make him feel comfortable. That to me is very hard to find sometimes. I highly recommend her and if needed will bring my other three kids to her. Thank you CarpeDiem Academics!     ~Gigi H. (parent)

Tika is wonderful! She’s gone over and above to give our daughter the help/ background / skills / information she needs to succeed in her classes, and has been very flexible in working with us under some challenging circumstances. Thank you, Tika!!      ~Jen W. (parent)

I really struggled with the ACT before going to Tika. She welcomed me into her home and went above and beyond to help me! She really gets to know how YOU learn and find the best way to help you achieve your academic goals. After my first session I already left with more knowledge than when I walked in. With her help my score improved significantly and I can now get into my dream college!!:)) You will seriously never find a more personal tutor than Tika. By the end I thought of her more as a friend than my tutor. She’s the only tutor I would recommend!     ~ Courtney M. (Student)

CarpeDiem and Tika are outstanding. Tika has worked with 4 of our children and all of their grades and test scores have skyrocketed. She is a brilliant instructor that really knows how to get the results each student needs. We have personally referred many clients to Tika and they all rave about her. There is no one better. Highly recommended!!!

~Aidan E. (parent)

Cda's History & Mission

Tika Haake was a student/athlete for the Women's Gymnastics Team at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and graduated with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering.  After graduating and working as an Engineer in Chicago, she and her husband decided to adventure to Los Angeles.  Here, her husband pursued his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at USC and Tika took a biomedical engineering position where she was able to manage between different departments.  Along with this, she started coaching gymnastics part-time to stay in touch with her love of helping kids.  Shortly after, she took another part-time job with a tutoring company that provided academics and life coaching in Beverly Hills and the Palisades.  Tika then took a position for a non-profit company giving tutoring services to high-risk neighborhoods funded by the "No Child Left Behind Act".  This job really gave her the insight in owning her own business because she not only tutored, but also managed 5-6 tutors too.  Both those jobs and experiences gave her invaluable experience in the lives of kids from both ends of the socioeconomic spectrum, and her life coaching skills were really fine tuned.  Tika quickly realized not only how much she loved helping kids get through their difficulties in academics and teenage life, but also how successful she was at making a difference in these kids lives. It has now been 15 years since she fell into this wonderful career and she looks forward to continuing to help students!

I have been helping children of all ages for over 15 years find what motivates them, help them through their toughest class, be a confidant to their life's challenges.  Along with the you the parent, you will have another caring, trusting person completely dedicated to helping your child become a successful and confident adult.


If you would like to talk to me about your child's specific needs, including, but definitely not limited to: getting ahead in academics, academic challenges, organization, grades, educational path, college prep, developing better habits, anxiety/depression, ADHD, or the big one... LACK OF MOTIVATION! Don't hesitate to contact me and we can discuss and make a plan for your child's needs to persevere. 

Because of her engineering degree, she had to take many math class', which gave her an insight on teaching/tutoring with a more foundational purpose. Along with a great math/science foundation, Tika has become a great source in helping kids become better writers and organizers. Tika takes the time to develop a trusting friendship with students to establish honesty and clarity in her tutoring academics or life coaching.  She as a lot of expectations for your child and will be a team member in their growth and development. 


CarpeDiem Academics plans are flexible, whether you need Tika for just one session or a more long-term partnership. 


FUN FACT  Kids started calling Tika's tutoring sessions, Tika Time. Tika goes beyond just helping with the academic course content, but further to help your child feel more motivated, confident and organized.  This is what sets CarpeDiem apart from other tutoring services, because we don't just academically tutor.  We build long lasting relationships (even after college, you are always in the CDA family).  After many years of her students advice, Tika finally learned to go social!  She recently started a blog (www.tikatimeout.com), Instagram presence, Podcast... along with a YouTube channel. 


Although she does not post as often as she would like, these platforms are a unique way for Tika to share her simple, depthful philosophy of living, which is rooted in mathematical decision making. This way of thinking is her unique philosophy, which she plans to dive deeper into and share in her first book (in the works).  This has been the foundation to her success and she shares it with each and every one of her students as well!  


CarpeDiem Academics was built on providing a holistic approach to teaching/coaching.  Tika's unique approach is proven successful time and time again. 


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