Complete act/sat Prep course

watch. learn. repeat.

Student Writing

So, let's just dive in... this test will be administered in the spring semester of their Junior year and kids should begin studying the summer after their Sophomore year. This test is ONLY NECESSARY IF THEY ARE COLLEGE BOUND.

These days, many colleges are not requiring these tests in the admission process... Oh boy, I have a lot to say!

I feel this is quite a disservice in motivating our kids to get academically ready and serious for college, considering it is a HUGE financial commitment.


So, why are these tests so important?  Ironically, it directly reviews academic content they will need to know to be successful in college. It also provides an opportunity to learn the important strategy in answering multiple choice questions they will see in college courses. Your child will also NOT be eligible to receive the numerous scholarships that are available if they can get above a 24 (ACT) or about a 1200 (SAT). If you are still not convinced, READ THIS. MIT is reinstating the ACT/SAT requirement, and for good reason. 

Remember, these colleges are also making an investment in your child's education and want to be sure they can survive the rigorous courses ahead of them.  It is so important for us parents to make sure we are equipping them with these skills. If you have any questions about this topic still, as always feel free to contact me!


There is also no better way to prepare for your first year of college, then by taking this class.  A full English and Math review will give you the insurance on providing a confident start to their first year of college. I start with educating students with complete overview of these entrance exams and their similarities and differences. I will then teach them EVERYTHING as far as content goes. And unlike the past, with my new online course they can watch, learn, and repeat. 


Tika will teach all content they need to know to do very well on these standardized tests so you can maximize admissions & Scholarships.