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Parents may have some questions or concerns before making the college investment:

  • Are they academically prepared?

  • Did they miss anything during distance learning?

  • When should they start preparing for their ACT/SAT prep?

  • What are the advantages of these tests?

  • Can they handle their academic load independently?

  • Do they have good organization skills to succeed?

  • What if they struggle with a class? How would I know before it's too late?

  • When will they EVER choose a major?! 

Whatever your concern, with CarpeDiem as your ally, we will help you steer your child in the right direction for career choice and prepare them for the tools that will make their college journey safe and smooth! If you feel it would be nice to for your teen to talk to someone else about planning, grades, career counseling, or staying academically ahead, book a session and we'll start talking through everything and get it back to good.

Also, our sister company, Athena Hybrid Academy, can also provide connections in our community to help your child attain internships and work opportunities in their field of choice. Please go to our website for more details or don't hesitate to contact us directly! 




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