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College is a big investment.

college prep is not.

If you questions like:

  • Are they academically prepared?

  • Did they miss anything during distance learning?

  • When should they start preparing for their ACT/SAT prep?

  • What are the advantages of these tests?

  • Can they handle their academic load independently?

  • Do they have good organization skills to succeed?

  • What if they struggle with a class? How would I know before it's too late?

  • When will they EVER choose a major?! 

Whatever your concern, it is well warranted. If you feel it would be nice to for your teen to talk to someone else about planning, grades, give me a call or book a private session and we'll start talking. Especially now after distance learning, our kids may not be as academically prepared for college and may need a little help to catch up.


ACT/SAT College Prep Course

The SAT and ACT are back on track!  There is also no better way to earn SCHLORSHIPS and PREPARE for your first year of college, then by taking this class. I offer an online, video course now they can have access to for 18 months, which is about the amount of time they should plan on taking prep seriously.  Because of this recorded course, they now can go over my review, tips, and tricks again and again to better prepare for this test. I truly believe they have to hear it and practice it many times for it to really sink in.  Then, I offer access to our weekly test prep zoom call group where they can also submit pictures of specific questions they are struggling with. Then, they can join in or watch the recorded, live session where I will answer specific questions. 


I go over a complete MATH review and give my expertise on solving problems and strategies on getting the best math score. The ENGLISH review is also full of simple ways to choose the right answer every time. In the READING and SCIENCE REASONING (which is separate in the ACT, but pulled together in the SAT) provides tricks to manage time and get through the material more confidently.  A full English and Math review will give you the insurance on providing a confident start to their first year of college. Students get a complete overview of these entrance exams and learn proven strategies to help them choose the correct answers.  There are many scholarships available to our students, which could drastically help decrease their overall loans.  Helping them perform well on these college entrance exams can save thousands of dollars and is definitely the first step in planning your college adventure!

College tutoring

This option will give customized attention to your child's specific academic and organization needs as they plan this next endeavor. We will explore topics like GPA, balancing academics and sports/activities, planning and organization, exploring colleges, developing a clear sense of career choice, and helpful tips and ideas to academically succeed.

Tika has amazing documented success! 

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