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Academic Management

complete grade management.

At CarpeDiem Academics, Inc., we are dedicated to helping busy parents by providing comprehensive academic management services for their children. We provide parents with the support they need to ensure their children are performing at their best in school. Our services include online grade management, homework assistance, test averages, teacher correspondence, goal setting, paper writing, and study/athletic management.


full academic management includes: 

  • Weekly zoom or in-person live appointments with owner, tika

  • one-stop to excel in all academic subjects 

  • executive functioning skills

  • homework completion

  • test prep & organizing

  • essay rubric building & editing 

  • confidence coaching

  • maximizing gpa to 4.0 (unweighted)

  • tikatime life coaching 

In just one hour a week,

we get our students college ready!


"there is nothing else out there like carpediem's academic management program! They take care of every class and grade tracking! It's Perfect for busy parents who don't want to compromise their child's future" ~Megan, CDA Parent

How can academic management help your child?

Our Academic Management program is specifically designed to help busy parents manage their child's online grades, homework completion, and test averages. We also provide guidance in goal setting, study management, and communication with teachers.  Together, we work to provide the best possible outcome for their academic success.


CarpeDiem Academics, Inc. is the premier tutoring service that helps students to reach their academic goals. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible academic guidance and support to ensure they reach their fullest potential. We provide students with the tools and resources they need to succeed, ensuring that they remain on track and stay motivated. One-on-one academic management is always tailored to exactly the right pace for each student. Tika can hone in on the exact ideas and strategies that will really raise their students' scores. And beyond all that, working with Tika and her over 15 years of experience working with teens, TikaTime (as students like to call it) will help your child's EQ and character growth and is very good and developing a trusting relationship to help them feel comfortable and confident they can achieve their goals!




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