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Welcome Parents...


My name is TIKA HAAKE and I am Owner of CarpeDiem Academics. I graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, along with being a D1 athlete (gymnastics). I have been through so many growth experiences through my academic and athletic career, it became my passion to share and offer aid to students who may also be challenged during their times of academic growth. It's been my life's work developing this Academic & Life Coaching company and rest assured it's unlike any other. I blend the best, most concise academic course tutoring, along with honest and compassionate life coaching, to give your child the most well rounded, holistic support in achieving their goals.

Please don't hesitate to call me directly at 630-440-1244, to see how we can be of service to your child's needs. We currently offer in-person in the Chicago West Suburbs and online to all 50 states. 

My Story...

I started this academic and life coaching company 15 years ago because I had to share all that learned from my ridiculously stressful life balancing academics, athletic goals, and a lack of time to do them both well. 

I was in a state of feeling LOST and UNCONFIDENT in my academics and honors/AP classes, along with working hard managing a promising gymnastics career. I was RIDDLED WITH ANXIETY and panic, which only wasted my time and disrupted my focus to understand my academics... if only someone could have told me I was running in circles (a little too late Post Malone!). I wasn't sure what was important to study and what wasn't. I was so confused at times I would take it from the top and try to read the whole book, only to run out of time in the end! Ai yai yai! Does any of this sound familiar?!

Anyway, stay with me here... there is a HAPPY ending! So these years of blood (what, I did get many paper cuts!), sweat, and tears, I FINALLY understood how to study! I also figured out how to stay organized, focus on test taking, write a great outline for successful paper writing, and control my ANXIETY naturally. Anxiety is caused by feeling unprepared for the future, so let's do something about it!. I did accomplish my dreams of becoming a BioMedical Engineer and NCAA D1 athlete on a full scholarship.

My Mission...

Honestly, after it's all said and done, I don't have any regrets... except one. If I could go back in time now, I wish I... had a ME! Having matured with experience, I wish I could have really understood my academics with the ease of how I teach it now. I wish I had a ME to believe in my self and ask for help. I wish I had a ME to talk to me patiently and calmed down! I wish instead of letting my anxiety run wild, I made healthy steps earlier to mitigate problems. Well we all know, you live and learn! Now, I am truly estatic to see each and every on of my students EVERY TIME we have a session. Why? Because this is not work for me, it is my life's calling. I now have this opportunity to help your child through their tough times of academic growth with care. It is a tremendous help for them to know someone understands their situation and give them the ability to change it. After all... high school is not rocket science right?! Although, I could help with that too haha!

I do believe all kids can achieve their goals and do great in school without anxiety, frustration, losing their joy of learning, and having to put too many hours in studying. By taking a more holistic approach to teaching your child, we will take the time to understand who they are as a person, their goals, their attributes, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

We will give them mo
re clarity, inspiration, and organization... I promise you will be thrilled with the results! 




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