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"With my 15 years of experience, I will help your teen go from being lost in academics and lifestyle choices, to becoming optimistic and secure in motivating change."

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I help driven MIDDLE SCHOOL and HIGH SCHOOL students,

athletes, and homeschoolers go from feeling lost and unconfident in their academic content, organizational skills, planning, and college prep, to becoming academically secure, have an optimistic attitude, and develop a calm spirit so they can enjoy their sports,

extra-curriculars, and family time. 

Welcome! My name is TIKA HAAKE and I am Owner of CarpeDiem Academics. It's been my life's work developing this Tutoring/Life Coaching company and rest assured it's unlike any other. I blend the best, most concise academic course tutoring, along with honest and compassionate life coaching to give your teen the most well rounded support so they can flourish during these times of rapid growth into adulthood. Check out what I have to offer and book... or contact me with any questions on any of my services.

I will save them time. I will give them clarity.

Through the past 15 years, I have helped hundreds of students through academic tutoring, ACT/SAT Prep, homeschooling, life coaching, and providing student/athlete college direction. With the right planning and great academic foundation, ANY STUDENT can achieve their dreams. I know it, because I've done it. If you/your child are looking to strengthen their academic and life skills, please explore my online courses, tutoring, ACT/SAT Prep, life coaching, and even homeschooling programs. 

It is confusing to know who to trust and honestly as a parent and homeschooler of 4 myself, I just want something that works so we are not wasting valuable time digging deeper into a hole. 
I understand your frustration and rest assured with my 15 years of experience...

I am confident you will look no further than my company to fulfill your needs. Through my in-person or zoom appointments, online courses, life coaching, and homeschooling programs, CDA will be the beacon in your child's educational development.