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Nick Foszcz

Manager & Tutor Lead


I graduated from DePaul University in 2017 with a degree in Elementary Education and concentration in Mathematics. I’ve worked as a 1-on-1 teaching assistant, paraprofessional, and substitute teacher. Since graduating, I’ve taken an interest in working with students from 4th grade through high school in most subjects. My main focus is Math, with Science and Social Studies (History) in second and third respectively. I love watching students grow in their learning from year to year.

A few of my hobbies include gaming, playing trombone, and learning crafting from my wife. In 2020, I got my first gaming laptop, and since then, I’ve begun to appreciate all the gamers out there that play on a daily basis. I played trombone for 18 years, but took a break when I started working. I started up again, and love playing. Lastly, my wife is very crafty and I love sharing that passion with her.”

thank you Nick for your commitment to our students and upholding our mission at CarpeDiem!

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