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Aw he got the velcro!

The wanting of something in life, is the wanting of more. We all have things we need and want. It's important to make a distinction between these. In our day and age, because of the hard work of us and our ancestors, to most the need has become idle and the want has become gallant. Is this capitalism or human nature? This is the paradox I pursue in my mind. I believe it's human nature. The desire of "wanting" is really strong in our primary years, well before we know about capitalism, but seems to wane in our elderly years. I think all my Dad would "want" right now being 80 something is a cup of tea and a nap. Not so different than me actually! We have to understand how we got here to this place of more More MORE! And still, our kids are more depressed than ever before. It boggles my mind how we are still surprised about this destination, knowing quite well we took this route to empty.

What we really NEED is connection.

It's ok to have some wants of course, but as long as connection isn't replaced by this very cheap, although very expensive, counterpart of materialism.

So why do we do it? People may say it's our capitalistic system, but the truth is if we weren't putting money as the driving power in the hands of every man, it would only be in ONE... ummmm, we've tried that one a million times... walk slowly backwards... don't go towards the light! I believe it's a habit we are taught when we are quite young. As toddlers, we are WANTING lots of things. We as parents have to decipher if it's a want or a need. If we make wants, needs, we are not teaching our children from these very formative years how to make a clear distinction. As they get older now, we have now trained them to pursue this empty addiction.

First, figure that out for yourself. Is what you are wanting a want or need? Pursue this question regularly so you keep yourself on the right path. Then we can manage this for our children. Trust me, teens have an x-ray vision of what is wrong with you and if you're not doing it right, it would be hypocritical to preach it. Then whether you have a toddler or a teen, even though it's hard to say NO!, but just do it! Then ALWAYS back it up with a hug and tight squeeze to quell there frustration. Then repeat this 100 times. Afterwards, you will initiate this questioning in their own mind and they will be able to do it for themselves.

I am a life coach. Helping guide you down a better path and making a plan is my job. If you are having trouble with your child, let's talk about it and get the relationship back to health.

It is a cold midwestern morning and it's worth mentioning it's 3 degrees outside. I love the morning cold, which has led to an eerie quiet outside. Ahhh, peace. This is definitely a WANT for me :) Have an extraordinary day.




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