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Dog Days!

Hey kids! School is imminent... sneaking up on you in just days... it makes you quiver with anticipation or maybe memories of eternal boredom. As my son says, "NO not already!".

Don't worry, you are not the only one completely UNPREPARED! You got Tika now to help... join me here and I will guide you through the coming months of math and hopefully in sharing a little bit of my life and mentorship, it's not as boring :)

For now, just review math facts and I'll pick up on Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry vlogs on YouTube under TIKA TIME. Please don't be mad if I don't keep up as fast as you like... I have 4 kids and I private tutor at home as well so I may get behind BUT I will be back haha!

This is me and my hubs enjoying the last few days of summer break at the lake in Minnesota!



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