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Don't Cheat Happy

Depression is rampant in teens today. With social media as an anchor in every teens life, there is no escape from the constant "watching" from all their followers. Yes, it's true social media is fun and helps connect everyone, but we also need to check in with our teens to see how they are handling the pressure. We need to provide some balance for all the eyes our kids may feel are watching them on the daily. Of course we're not going to post about our self doubt and depressive moods... that's weird. So, where can they find the respite? They need us to help and check into some of their deeper thoughts. I just posted a video talking about this topic... Check it out and feel free to share with those you think it would help.

Teenage and young adult days are filled with these very things... self doubt, vulnerability, and mood swings. Quite often, us parents become the target from an unbalanced, emotional child. If your child is acting out in this way, honestly consider yourself LUCKY!

I have seen far too often kids pretending to be happy on the outside, while they are harboring emotions inside. They may be embarrassed or feel maybe ungrateful for feeling down about something. Maybe they have an inability to be honest because they are afraid of a persona they FEEL they should uphold.

Let's help our teens by spending some time with them every week to check in with them. It doesn't have to be uncomfortable or LONG... take a moment even when you are driving around to ask about anything that could be bothering them this week. Try and find times when you can have some one to one time with them so they are comfortable to talk. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to share any anxious or depressive thoughts holding them back from actually feeling spirit

ually content. Every topic doesn't need a "fix"; even having an opportunity to let go of some feelings will help their minds be a little more clear. This will also help their focus and attention to their academics!



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