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At this point, you guys must be on a roll! I've heard it from all the kids I've been seeing these past couple of weeks, "School is Boring!". I think that just pertains to distance learning, because all my students have been excited to talk about their teachers!

Whether their cool, strict, interesting, nice, knowledgeable, etc., we are broadening our life by learning and getting to know new people. I know it's hard to think of teachers being "real people"... haha I was a kid once too you know! I remember I used to be so shocked when I would run into a teacher outside of school and being so weirded out! So we can all agree teachers are REAL people. Please remember they are not perfect and also make mistakes! Just like any other REAL person! They are trying their best and in the end, made it their life work to help YOU! Wow, isn't that amazing. Be grateful for having all these responsible adults in your life... they are all, in their micro way, showing you your way into adulthood.

Have a great day and stay on task, or better yet... stay ahead!! Luvu, Tika

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