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SUMMER enrichment Programs

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Welcome to CDA's Summer Enrichment!


Summer is a great time to solidify missed or weak concepts from the last school year, so we can build a strong upcoming academic year! Summer is the best time to get caught up or get ahead because of the flexibility of no school. Either way, the goal it to make the coming year less stressful! I always tell my students taking a complete break in the summer, will only lead to them falling behind quickly when school starts and then they are busy playing catch up for the rest of the year. On the other hand, if we get started with some material that is to come and brush up on some foundational knowledge, you will feel so much better when school starts.  We all have choices to make in life that either hold us back, or get us ahead!


Summer Learning is stress free and fun! Your child will have an opportunity to just learn and absorb the material, and not worry about grades as during the school year. These programs below are offered twice through the summer. Costs cover the materials needed, which will be unique to each program.




Monday June 14th - Thursday July 2nd


Monday July 26th - Thursday August 13th. 

Programs in Detail


We know it is difficult to get kids to read in the summer, but I have a few methods this will be a success!

1) Audio book will be provided! You can listen to the audio with your child to be a part of their journey and discussion!

2) I will give my synopsis on the chapters at the beginning of each session, so it will not be imperative they read the book to participate in discussion and writing assignments. Yes reading will be important, but character and theme development is most crucial to becoming a better reader and writer.

3) Small group discussions will keep them engaged. Understanding characters and themes in any piece of writing can be daunting to kids.  I will guide them into understanding how to understand characters and their actions given background and setting.  

4) EQ will be a prominent topic in understanding characters and their decisions.  We will discuss how the characters choices decided their fate and how we could have made different choices.

In my opinion, this is by far the most important form of learning! This will tie together understanding EMOTIONAL and INTELLECTUAL GROWTH. I will have a new topic of discussion every class, tying in the characters conflicts in the book. Students will be challenged to think about problem solving, stress management, organization, importance of managing emotions, and creating boundaries.     

We will have a healthy *allergy free snack and campfire sit around (weather permitting).  If you would like to take advantage of the summer to set up better habits, thinking patterns, organization, self-confidence, anxiety management, SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS!


We will be reviewing all math skills I feel they should have expertise in, along with introducing and challenging them with new skills they will be learning in the coming years. I will have 3 groups for this class as well, but they will be divided into Grade School, Jr. High, and High School. Math workbooks will be provided grade appropriate!

For science, we will be delving into popular topics in BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, and PHYSICS.  All materials will be provided if we work on any labs. Everything will be age appropriate and will not only build on their current knowledge, but I will introduce new concepts they will be learning in the years to come.  

Their IQ and reasoning skills will be at the forefront of what will guide these classes.  Understanding why some foundational math concepts follow the laws they do will be discussed, along with actually sharing some of my favorite books on understanding the physical world around us. This will surely be a class with a lot of great discussion and thinking about the world of possibilities they didn't even know existed! 


During the weeks of the SUMMER PROGRAMS, there will be limited hours of private tutoring and life coaching. Please consider joining these great Summer Programs above!


I will open up sessions to accommodate students looking for PRIVATE TUTORING AND LIFE COACHING from Monday, July 5th - Sunday July 25th. Please contact me directly to book sessions during this time!



AUGUST 23rd 

Spaces are limited. Book today!


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