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Summer school
gain expertise. get ahead.

we offer a more supportive option for your child.

Whether your child is not thriving academically in school or wants to gain more one-on-one expertise working closely with an instructor, maybe it's time to consider part-time homeschooling. Never heard of this option?

Call us and we can tell you more about it and if it's a good fit for your child!

2024 Summer courses

Homeschooled courses are a way to get ahead and gain expertise outside of a classroom setting where your child will receive individualized attention. These credits are eligible to transfer to your public or private school, but call your school directly to ask about their requirements.


Please know that you have options to help your child succeed and learn full or part-time as a homeschooler. If you are new to this idea and have questions, give us a call! 

 Classes are at Tika's house for in-person (LIMITED to 5, please book in advance) or conveniently in your home via Zoom!  

Why choose summer homeschool classes for your child?

Hybrid homeschooling provides your child an opportunity to learn outside of your public/private school in a smaller classroom setting giving more personalized attention. Our holistic education model is perfect for students looking to:

  • Cater to their individual learning pace

  • Individualized learning curriculum

  • Alleviate ADHD classroom struggles

  • Ease school related anxiety

  • Less students so less distractions

  • Build expertise 

  • Get ahead on required credits

  • Free up time for athletic or work schedules during the year 

  • Graduate early


For kids who are not thriving in a full-time public or private school setting, a part-time homeschooling approach could be the best alternative for your family.


Your child will gain unparallel confidence and capitalize on their expertise, IQ & EQ intelligence, and readiness for college/career success. They can take one, two, or join us full-time to complete all their high school requirements. Spaces are limited so sign up today for Summer and Fall courses


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