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Summer school
in-person or remote homeschool courses for high school credit.

Summer School schedule is out... Algebra 1, Algebra 2, & Geometry.

NOTE: Registration Deadline is Friday, May 26th


All homeschooled course credits are eligible to transfer to your public or private school. Call your school directly to ask about their requirements. Click above for more information. Please know that you have options to help your child succeed. We can show you how. Also, here is a convenient FLYER to pass along. Summer courses are open for registration!




benefits of homeschooled summer school: 

  • Small class sizes for individualized attention

  • Holistic educational model

  • Get ahead on required credits

  • Take a course out of the academic year


If you or your child is tired of continued struggles in a particular subject, part-time homeschooling with our help will be your solution. Your child will gain unparallel confidence and capitalize on their expertise, IQ & EQ intelligence, and readiness for college and career success. Classes are either at Tika's house, our downtown Oswego location, or conveniently in your home via Zoom. 

This Hybrid Learning opportunity is brought to you by our new sister company:
Athena Hybrid Academy!
Offering students an alternative to learn at homefull-time public/private education time hybrid homeschool management.

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This is a collaborative providing an alternative learning opportunity for homeschooled, high school aged kids. 

Courses are eligible to transfer for high school

or private school credit. To see full course list, please go to Athena's website:


Tika Haake, Owner of CarpeDiem Academics, is the new Director of Math & Science at Athena. With her 15 years of tutoring expertise, this new educational experience will give your child an option to homeschool and take courses for Math & Science with Tika and English & Social Studies with co-owner, Alexander Kennedy. Together, we will evoke thought, connection, growth, and give an expertise to form a great foundation of education for your child.

Download our Summer/Fall 2023 COURSE FLYER and help spread the word. Grab an friend and take a class together! 


Attention Parents:

All of the Math and Science courses offered with CarpeDiem Academics require you to purchase a membership for Schoolhouse Teachers. Your membership provides a backbone and framework for the academic content and recordkeeping. We have been working with this company for years and always blown away by their depthful academic content and organization. Subscriptions vary in price, but are very affordable ranging from monthly to yearly; if you are signing up for a full year course, we would recommend waiting until mid-summer when discounts as at max.  

All Schoolhouse Teachers courses are written by teachers. Their courses are not accredited by any agency. Only a school can be accredited. However, transferring credits should not be a problem for your public or private high school given the proper and complete course information and transcript. This membership includes access to Applecore which gives you options for: Course Tracking, Grade Reporting, Report Cards, and a Portfolio.

WHY don't we use an ACCREDITED program?

Accreditation is a not only a costly process, but it also limits the freedom in teaching. This is why not all educational platforms offering academics pursue this route. When taking courses with us, it would not make sense to use accredited courses since they already come with their own online, pre-recorded instructor. This is the main reason we use the affordable programs from a Schoolhouse Teachers membership. This allows you use your money to consult us to do the live, in-person instruction and tutoring. All of these courses are eligible for transfer to your public or private school. With the help of pre-organized lesson plans provided, we will create a portfolio of your child's work to submit to your school to earn credits for graduation requirements. 


Please feel confident you have options to help your child succeed academically whether in-school or with our part-time support. Where ever it may be, it is the goal of every educator to help for the children in our community to succeed academically, while feeling mentally and emotionally supported.

Why choose hybrid homeschooling for your child?

Hybrid homeschooling provides your child an opportunity to learn outside of your public/private school in a smaller classroom setting giving more personalized attention. Our holistic education model is perfect for students looking to:

  • Graduate early

  • Learn better in a smaller classroom

  • Ease school anxiety

  • Build expertise 

  • Free up time for athletic or work schedules

  • Enjoy learning with a more individual, personal approach

  • Take summer school 


For kids who are not thriving in a full-time public or private school setting, hybrid homeschooling could be the best alternative for your family. Your child will gain unparallel confidence and capitalize on their expertise, IQ & EQ intelligence, and readiness for college/career success. They can take one, two, or join us full-time to complete all their high school requirements. Spaces are limited so sign up today for Summer and Fall courses


*Classes are either at Tika's house, our downtown Oswego location, or conveniently in your home via Zoom. 

why i chose hybrid homeschool education...

I have been using Schoolhouse teachers for the last few years to help with full and part-time homeschooling for my kids. For my kids this option made the most sense to help balance their strenuous competitive athletic (gymnastics) schedule.

I soon realized how beneficial it was to have more flexibility in their schedule, along with giving them individualized support. Now after running this trial on my own kids, I am ready to offer this learning opportunity to your kids! 


Personally, when I was a child I sure did struggle balancing my own athletic and academic responsibilities. I, as our children, have to cram 8 subjects into a jam packed day, run to practice, come home exhausted, quickly eat, and stay up late doing homework. Then... repeat schedule. I sure wish I had this kind of alternative educational opportunity especially for the more difficult courses in Math and Science. In our modern society it is so challenging for our kids to manage academic, emotional, mental, physical, family, faith, and friendship balance. Phew! We can now see this is leaving kids feeling exhausted and anxious. I am now offering an alternative to help my students and their families relieve some stress, while accomplishing their goals. Homeschooling particular subjects will provide your child more flexibility with their time.


For those parents who seek to find more balance, while keeping an advanced education for your kids, we are the answer.

we offer a more supportive option for your child.

Whether your child is not thriving academically in school or wants to gain more one-on-one expertise working closely with an instructor, maybe it's time to consider hybrid homeschooling. Click below and you will be redirected to Athena Hybrid Academy where we provide more information. Call us if you would like to discuss this option in more detail and how to navigate the process.

homeschooling help near me

Our classical hybrid model provides complete instruction, along with summer school and a-la-carte classes for 8th-12th grade students through a homeschool curriculum.


Athena offers small class sizes to facilitate an advanced college level academic experience. This will provide a great foundation for your child's continuing education.


Also, with the help of utilizing connections within our community, we inspire our students to create the future of their dreams by linking internship and job opportunities.

For the many reasons you may have took an alternative your child's education, CDA's sister company, Athena Hybrid Academy, is here to help. Traditionally in homeschool, the parent would be the teacher, but there are those circumstances when a student would like to be homeschooled to benefit from personalized learning, but the parent has to work and does not have the ability or maybe is not comfortable teaching the courses.


This is where we would come in. You will notify your child's school that they will be homeschooled for the 1, 2, or all of their course curriculum and take those courses with us. From a homeschool mom myself who has experience, I use a company called to provide the basic framework for many of the classes we offer. This gives us a foundation to build on and manage the course, but we will go beyond to challenge your child to think deeper and complete more challenging problems. Therefore, most of our courses are "honors" level courses. Since Schoolhouse Teachers is not an accredited organization to allow for freedom in education, sometimes your child's school may require an amplitude test for the credits. Rest assured as a homeschooled student in a small classroom, your child will learn well beyond the standard.


If you are interested in chatting with us about the possibilities and how it can help your child, please don't hesitate to contact Tika directly at 630-440-1244 




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