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confidence & motivation building

life coach near me

Life coaching will help with...

  • executive functioning

  • organizational skills

  • mental planning

  • parent/child relationship

  • lack of confidence

  • test/social anxiety

  • career prep & direction

  • student/athlete mental development

  • positive thinking

  • developing healthy habits

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"The academic and environmental stress on children are high in our modern world. Let's make sure they are emotionally keeping up too! Sometimes, you just need a little TikaTime to bring them back into equilibrium.

A does of confidence, support, and inspiration are within reach for your child". Book a consultation today!


~ Tika Haake, Owner 

TikaTime® will help with

  • Changing current unproductive habits

  • Building integrity and inspiration

  • Talking through adolescent circumstances

  • Responsible emotional expression

  • Building positive relationships and influence

  • Learning to follow their inner voice

I am a problem solver to a fault! With the Lord's guidance, I quickly realized life coaching is what I was born to do and is pivotal to CarpeDiem's success. Actually, we are receiving life coaching ALL the time when we talk to our parents, spouse, friends, grandparents, aunts and uncles. When our needs are being met, we are happy, content, and giving individuals. When things are off balance though, we become irritable, defensive, and insecure. Emotional Intelligence, or rather EQ, is someone's ability to understand, cope, and communicate their feelings in a calm, respectful, and honest way.

With my holistic approach, I will help to bring balance back to your teens life. Think of having an experienced ally on your side who truly cares about your child's success as much as you do. We will discuss traits and self talk that may be holding them back in their journey and make the necessary plans to take them forward.  Bringing the nagging problems your teen may be struggling with to light with someone who has a lot of experience in dealing with teens academic goals will empower them to build change and feel more in control of creating success. Through honest conversation and problem solving, together lets bring confidence and fortitude back to your teens academic life. 


*Tika Time is not meant to replace a healthcare professional.

how can life coaching help my TEEN?


I know this may sound crazy because I am an academic tutor, but I believe EQ (emotional intelligence) is more important than IQ (academic importance). EQ is your child's ability to know their emotional self and be able to communicate and project themselves in a respectful and understanding way. It is really hard to focus on the academics, if their EQ is out of balance. It's hard for us adults to do the same, how can we expect our children to know how to control their feelings when they are going through all these crazy hormonal changes? I know. It's tough to be a real person!


Whether it's academic time lost due to bullying, illness, divorce, mental illness, or anxiety, I am here to help get them back on track and feeling in control again. Together with our partnership, we will bring back a more happy, balanced child once again. Our teens, as we remember ourselves, have a lot to sort out in these adolescent years. Having another responsible, experienced adult could be very helpful to your child's support system, as well as yours.


I am here to help bring balance back to your child and family, and start building a plan to get them back on track with their goals. Parents, you now have have an ally in your child's life. 


If you would like to talk to me about your teen's needs and how I may be able to help, please fill out this application to tell me more about your child current state of mind. Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions. 








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