tika time {Parents}*

bringing back connection and faith in family.

Please raise your hand if you have no idea what has happened to social and spiritual integrity these days in our society! Well, if your hand is up I know how you feel. If the backbone of a family has forgotten faith and working with a plan of consistency, chaos will surely endure and boundaries will be broken. If you are finding yourself in a situation of disconnection, call me and I will help you find a more holistic viewpoint in parenting you can start using today to begin making change and leading your family in regaining connection.

* As you read through how I can help, please keep in mind I am an experienced Life Coach and not a Licensed Therapist.  If your unsure which one is a better fit for your needs, please don't hesitate to text or call me and I can help guide you to the proper channel.

parent life coaching can can help with...

  • communication

  • building connection

  • family faith

  • teaching responsibility

  • building mutual respect

  • sustainable discipline

  • building Trust

  • planning for success

  • instilling positivity

  • teaching healthy habits






Pairs perfectly a cup of tea!

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I help parents of teens go from struggling to have a solid connection with their kids/teens,

to building a close parental and spiritual relationship in their family dynamics and forge new ways of communication which will lead to opening hearts and building respect, so they can find a long lasting faith in their family and truly learn to honor and enjoy each other.

Now more than ever before, kids desperately NEED a guiding compass and connection with their parents.

We have to help our kids confidently navigate in our modern world of uncertainties. How do we do this without pushing them further away? With multiple kids, we have to consider their different personalities and acknowledge their unique strengths and insecurities when we communicate with them. Not only learning through my clientele, I have also gained so much experience with managing my 4 kids! Sometimes we can get stuck in a pattern of communication that doesn't seem to move attitudes in a positive direction and we start to have anxiety thinking about dear family time passing. Don't let another month pass by... let's work together and make a plan to create a better future.

I will offer my years of experience working with kids and understanding how to get through to them with positivity, trust, and respect, so you start seeing some change. We will foster some new ideas to problem solve and get some good times back into the relationship. If you are stuck and struggling to find this balance with your child, book an appointment and let's talk about it. We will figure out together! 

I can offer you my years of experience on how to implement a holistic, healthy relationship with your kids in this modern world.  We don't want to forego a great relationship with our children in lieu of our expectations.   If you are struggling to find this balance with your child, book an appointment and let's talk about how we can together make a plan for change. I would like to give you a helping hand during those hard times where you may be out of ideas on how to turn things around and need some experienced consultation. With over 15 years of being a health and life coach & tutor, I have a very experienced perspective of parent/child relationships. Let me be an ally to help turn around the precious time we have with your kids and create better relationships for the future.  

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone in confidence to get some ideas on improving your situation. These online appointments will be guided by your goals for your kids and your relationship.  After the introductory meeting, you will have to purchase a package can meet with parent/child together, or just parents.  As with TikaTime for kids, I will offer my positivity and friendship to help you build better relationship with your kids and your journey through parenthood.  With hard work and an open mind, we will soon enough foster the relationship you have always dreamed of having with your child, while motivating them to be independently responsible.