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get ahead. gain expertise.

If your child would like to gain expertise in a particular subject, all core classes, and give them an opportunity with learn with a less test heavy and more holistic teaching style to build expertise, look no further! We offer a more spiritual foundation that teaches love and respect for ourselves, each other, nature, and country. We will put the joy in learning back to your child with a more personalized approach. 


We have limited, part-time homeschooling options for grades K-2 and 6-8. For 9-12, we only offer yearly and summer

Math Courses where they can get ahead, gain expertise, and submit  courses for high school, homeschooled credit.

homeschooling near me

homeschooling is a great option!

Every child has the option to pursue homeschooling courses in their district whether part-time or full-time. Homeschooling a course outside of school can develop much needed expertise in a subject to not only get the grade, but to get ahead in school. 


With the help of our experienced tutors and an amazing, affordable program we use called Schoolhouse Teachers, we can help your child excel in their academics by customizing courses to meet the individual needs of each student. If you are looking to gain credits for a course your child has taken with us, please check with your school for the application process.

We are committed to helping students become confident and successful learners. Our team looks forward to helping your child achieve their academic goals through the many avenues we offer. 

how can homeschooling benefit my child?

  • Going at their own pace

  • Takes less instruction time, but gives more depth of knowledge

  • Putting an end to consistent struggles at school

  • Game changer for students with ADHD or an IEP

  • Receive live, individualized attention will help them finally gain confidence in school

  • Our holistic educational model will build their academic character set

  • Getting ahead in school will help them take AP courses sooner

  • Ideal for those students who need flexibility due to career, job, or athletic endeavors

  • Finally taking time to build expertise in a particular subject area

  • Enjoy course content with a more traditional, classical approach

  • Ability to take summer school and get ahead

  • Those students who need credit recovery and do not learn well online


In our programs, your child will gain unparallel confidence and capitalize on their expertise, intelligence, character, and readiness for college and career success. All courses have live instruction whether in-person in our Downtown Oswego location, or online conveniently via Zoom. 

are our homeschool programs accredited?

Simple answer is NO, because we are not a school, but a tutoring company. We offer personalized instruction to teach your child the particular courses you choose to gain expertise in a shorter period of time with a higher level of expertise.


Online courses do offer accreditation, but those courses do not offer personalized learning and are often boring for kids. Accredited courses can also limit the freedom in teaching and this would not make sense since they already come with their own online, pre-recorded instructor. Honestly, online education for foundational courses taught in Junior High through High School could jeopardize a student's clear and depthful knowledge of a subject. This is the main reason we use the affordable programs from Schoolhouse Teachers. Saving money allows you to hire us and give your child live, exceptional tutoring so they receive the best education and academic foundation. 


With that said, all of these courses are eligible to transfer to your public or private school. With the help of pre-organized lesson plans provided, we will create a portfolio of your child's work to submit to your school to earn credits for graduation requirements. 


Please feel confident you have options to help your child succeed academically whether full time, in-school or using us for part-time homeschool support. The goal of every educator should be to help children in our community to succeed academically, while feeling mentally and emotionally supported in whatever format helps them.

All homeschooled course credits are eligible to transfer to your public or private school. Call your school directly to ask about their requirements. 

Traditionally, when homeschooling the parent would be the teacher. In this case, you are consulting us to do the teaching. Homeschool is on the rise and it is because of the great benefit to our kids. As a homeschooling mom myself, my kids gained so much more knowledge in a fraction of the time with personalized learning. If you feel your child would benefit from such an opportunity, please give us a call today and let's think about the options. 

SchoolHouse Teachers

If you decide to homeschool a particular course, you will notify your child's school that they will be homeschooled for the particular course. We lean on a company called to provide the basic framework for many of the classes we offer, which will provide the school with the proper paperwork they need. We will never limit your child's growth to one set of worksheets and will always offer them an opportunity to level up if they are ready. Because of this freedom, our students break the boundaries and your child will learn so much more in a shorter period of time.

If you are interested in chatting with us about the possibilities and how it can help your child, please don't hesitate to contact Tika directly at 630-440-1244.  

All of the Math and Science courses offered with CarpeDiem Academics require you to purchase a membership for Schoolhouse Teachers. Your membership provides a backbone and framework for the academic content and recordkeeping. We have been working with this company for years and always blown away by their depthful academic content and organization. Subscriptions vary in price, but are very affordable ranging from monthly to yearly; if you are signing up for a full year course, we would recommend waiting until mid-summer when discounts as at max. All Schoolhouse Teachers courses are written by teachers. Their courses are not accredited by any agency. Only a school can be accredited. However, transferring credits should not be a problem for your public or private high school given the proper and complete course information and transcript. This membership includes access to Applecore which gives you options for: Course Tracking, Grade Reporting, Report Cards, and a Portfolio.




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