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Athena Hybrid academy
hybrid homeschool high-school (8th-12th)

The Athena Hybrid Academy offers an 8-12th grade curriculum rooted in classical education.

AHA combines aspects of the desired small class size similar to a private school setting with the customization and character building of homeschooling.


As the new Director of Math & Science, join Tika Haake in a new educational experience where content will evoke thought, connection, and growth.

Helping a Student

For the many reasons you may have took an alternative your child's education, I am here to help. There 

are 2-3 million families that are homeschooling and this number is growing rapidly. As a mom of 4, I have

learned a lot and organized so many courses from my favorite source When I

started, I was so confused and there were so many options. I read and researched a lot and hands down LOVE this program. With your membership to this program, whether your child needs help with one class or several classes, I can help. If your child is wants a HIGHER standard of education and the school environment is not a right fit, with your affordable subscription to Schoolhouse Teachers, we have the expertise to help you manage it all with our homeschool tutoring support.  Contact me to discuss this option further.

Why Homeschool?


Parents are turning to homeschooling these days for a myriad of reasons including sports flexibility, early graduation, academic, social, or medical challenges, wanting more than a public school environment can provide, or looking for a more economical option to private school, without losing the academic advantage. Sometimes this situation is temporary and we just need a year to accomplish the goal, or you need a more long term solution. 

We provide aid, supplement, or even help you manage all of your child's academics. 


I decided to homeschool my kids this past year and we had a great time!  I learned a lot of thigs about holding a child's attention more than the hour Are you thinking of homeschooling because of the current pandemic?  You're not alone, because I AM TOO! I have 4 kiddos grades 8-KG and feel overwhelmed by the task.  Nothing we can't tackle with some prep!  I am by no means an expert in homeschooling, but I thought I'd share my journey and the information I've found below. Taking control of the wheel, when you don't know where to start, can be a daunting process! But it doesn't have to be if we have each other. 


The homeschooling experience can be amazing for us and our children.  Customizing their learning experience, along with learning at their own pace and leaning in on their interests will be a great experience.  I look at it like this... there are many delicious desserts and lots of different recipes to make them. The end product is wonderful and unique all the same!  

5 Homeschooling Tricks from Maureen Wilkinson:


  1. Don't try to mimic traditional school   I (and maybe you) have found yourself homeschooling because I was not happy with the distance learning in public schools. At the time, I wasn't necessarily trying to escape traditional education; I went through it myself.  No experience is ever perfect, but having a great attitude can make all the imperfections a unique opportunity to share. For example, I love the structure of academics.  Since I have 4 kids in different grades, I will lean on following the backbone of the curriculum with and then supplement what I want.  Also, with their different academic needs, I will need to adjust the time they spend in each subject.    

  2. Know your reasons for homeschooling   Ok, I got this one!  With the unsureness of the times I want them to have something they can count on AND... I don't want them to be on the computer all day! It's actually ironic I find myself here, because I always entertained this idea of homeschooling before my kids were school age and decided not to because I think it is important for kids to have a social structure outside of the home to develop their traits and characteristics, along with learning how to get through challenges you can only learn from school.  It has been such a wonderful year for my kids to be together and learn from each other.  Because there were 4 kids (2 in grade school and 2 in middle school) they learned to lean on each other and bond.  I did add some more personalized learning to each of them.  Again, I didn't initially turn to homeschooling because I wasn't happy with our teachers.  Our school district has an amazing roster of teachers who are so kind, giving, and unique humans who give a different perspective to my children's lives. Of course, parents are the biggest influences to children's lives, but it is important for their confidence for kids to develop other responsible, trusting relationships.  So if you are homeschooling, definitely look into a group, sports team, or club for them to be a part of to learn from this atmosphere.  For my kids, this will be fulfilled by their coaches and teammates on their gymnastics team.

  3. Go to a home-school convention   Make new friends!  When I had a 9-5, I loved going to conventions and learning and meeting amazing like minded people! In the meantime, I will share my homeschooling experience on my YouTube channel if you are curious about my journey, experiences, and thoughts. 

  4. Prioritize home-school hours   I decided my two middle schoolers will get ready for the day and meet me at our dining room table ready to work at 8am.  For my grade schoolers, all will apply and we start at 9am.  We will all end at 1pm.  All and all, we do stick to the schedule. We usually start the day by reading for 30 minutes, then we do what we call "faith".  In faith we analyze quotes from respected people from past to present and discuss the need for inspiration in our lives.  We then break into ELA or MATH for 1.5 hours each.  We follow this block with a break for recess and lunch, then finish up with either an hour of Social Studies or Science.  Again, as with anything in life, don't shoot for perfection and become overwhelmed and critical with our children (and ourselves).  Better yet go with the flow first and then learn how to control the flow.  We are all human and we're shooting to do our best... but we have to remember to have fun in the process!

  5. Source out duties   Help HUBS!  I have already warned my husband I may be tied up in the basement by the time he gets home!  HAHA!  This past year of homeschooling I never felt a loss of control, but did often feel overwhelmed when 4 people are trying to talk to me at the same time! I think, like most things, this has to be a family decision and we all have to be on board about expectations.  When taking on a new task, responsibly plan out how you will manage all the others you already have!  Honestly, love to clean. I know, is that weird? I love it like I love math and if your kids want to enjoy a sense of instant gratification, get them obsessed with cleaning or learning math! I once read this advice... if you want your kids to become CONFIDENT adults, give them more RESPONSIBILITY!