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Tika's math classes
Weekly Personalized support. full classroom Resources.

Give the gift of joy in learning to your child.

If your child needs expert instruction outside of the classroom, check out our classes below! I have been teaching math to our teens for over 15 years and with my engineering background, they find my method to be clear and concise. Help your child become an expert in math!

Tika's weekly math classes meet online or in-person (space is limited, please inquire) to provide instant support for your child's struggles in their high school math class. We provide a gateway to gaining expertise in the world of Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus with confidence.


If you're looking for your teen to overcome math challenges, improve grades, solidify foundation, and get ahead with expertise, join today! Tika's 15 years of experience and dedication to her students will guide your child every step of the way to create mastery!

Classes Offered

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