math. science. WRITING. 

Some form of tutoring can help not only ELEVATE your child's academic potential, but also ALLEVIATE their challenges during times of difficulty or even having to miss school because of athletic events. Whether it's math, science, reading, or writing, at some point our kids may have confusion and before you know it, there isn't enough time to salvage the grade or get the A for the GPA. Well, these are the times I am here for you. I have been very successful in figuring out where an academic problem stems from and fix it asap! We work once or twice a week planning, doing homework, and getting ready for tests. In about a month, grades will improve, along with confidence! 

With my BioMedical Engineering degree and education, I truly learned how these math and science classes stacked up on each other.  Through my years of tutoring experience, I realized different struggles in a child's educational career began with a lack of a strong foundation. 

Ocean Rocks

A great academic career is much like this principle of stacking rocks.  The strongest and biggest is at the bottom, and the subsequent are strategically placed with care.  This philosophy, whether dealing with academics or life habits, leads to more motivated young adults who are in control of their education, future, and self confidence.

It is necessary to build the organization, planning, attitude, habits, and self confidence that go into not only attaining the grades, but a lifelong recipe for success in whatever they do. 

 Tika's Take on common courses: 

ELA & Writing success is crucial to any career.  No matter what idea you have, what problem you are solving, what process you are developing, you need to communicate it with clarity.  I love grammar rules and helping them develop a vocabulary people can actually understand. Diving into sentence structure rules will help guide them in how to make an already great paper, even better.  

Algebra 1 is like learning how to walk... it is one of those foundational skills. With the skill of walking, you can jump, jog, skip, and so on.  That's how Algebra 1 works!  With a great foundation in it, you can master Geometry, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and so much more! 

Geometry builds on Algebra 1 and invites new knowledge of triangles and circles.  These two shapes are imperative in the understanding the world around us, along with the space outside our planet.  With a strong foundation in geometry, students can continue to learn Physics and Chemistry.   

Algebra 2 may be the most challenging math class in your child's high school career (many kids come to CDA for A2 help!).  Algebra 2 builds on all mathematical and linear algebra concepts of Algebra 1, along with introducing non-linear graphing and trigonometry.  The first semester of this class will expand on their Algebra 1 knowledge and parabolic functions.  Second semester will be spent on graphing rational and trig functions.  This course is a great foundation to higher mathematical courses in college (especially when pursuing math majors).  

Pre-calc/calc builds on the second semester of Algebra 2 and digs deeper into trigonometry, changing/derivative functions, limiting functions, and more Trig graphing. 

biology is the introductory science class.  It has basically no math, but they will learn facts and be responsible for memorizing LOTS of information.  Since this class is directly related to the living world around us, information is very relatable and easy to grasp.

Chemistry will be full of information more challenging to grasp and has LOTS of math!  A great math foundation is imperative to do well in this class.  Students will learn about the amazing molecular world around (and in) us.  This is a foundational science course and should be given ample time to learn and review. 

physics is Tika's favorite subject!  As my students know, I go on and on about this class. It will give kids a glimpse into the unseen forces around us and outside of our planet.  These forces are a code of LAW we are bound to every single day.  This class can be challenging to students, but don't shy away from it.  It is absolutely necessary in understanding the world and space around us.  Also, this is another foundational science class which needs lots of time for study and review.

Anatomy/physiology is a class you honestly need a study buddy for.  It is chock FULL of terms and processes relating to our incredible human body, which you are required to memorize.  Students usually get overwhelmed quickly from the pace and amount of information they are responsible for.  I will be very helpful as their study buddy!  

aP Courses will give your child a glimpse into the speed and independent learning of a college course.  I do not recommend taking an AP course unless you are organized and can dedicate time to getting an A in the class.