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"CarpeDiem was pivotal to my child's success. They not only taught the subject well, but how to study. Great complement to normal course work."


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There are many ingredients to academic success.  We have worked with children of all grades over 15 years to achieve their academic goals.  We work with kids to find a root cause of why they are not doing their best in academics.  This may include not understanding the material, disorganization, poor study habits, and lack of planning.  

CDA provides: 

complete academic Management

Academic Tutoring

good study habits

test Prep

Test taking skills

College Prep

Organization & Planning

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CarpeDiem Academics® (CDA) is owned by Tika Haake, an NCAA Student-Athlete & BioMedical Engineering alum from the University of Iowa. For over 15 years, Tika's passion for teaching in a very clear and concise way has resulted in countless successful students and happy parents. Tika's unique approach not only improves grades, but goes beyond to build confident, happy students with better organization, knowledge, and attitude to tackle any class.