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Welcome to a holistic, whole child approach
to academic tutoring & management for your child.

"It is CarpeDiem Academic's mission to meet our students where ever they may be in their academic journey and help them achieve their goals with proper planning, tutoring, guidance, test prep, and coaching. Whether we manage one class or all, our holistic approach will give your child quick clarity on concepts while building confidence and joy in learning." 
~ Tika Haake, Owner  

New to CarpeDiem? Click below to get started!

does your child have an iep or 504 plan? struggling with add or anxiety?
we specialize in supporting kids through their growth.

At CDA, we have experience in working with a multitude of students challenges. We will make a plan to help them become more organized, confident, and provide a sustainable academic atmosphere. We will go further to help them by developing a plan for IQ & EQ support by blending clear and concise academic tutoring, with caring life coaching. 

want to get started? follow these steps:

become a member

A free membership will keep us connected, view pricing, tutor schedules, blog posts, email updates, along with booking and make secure payments for your sessions.  

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free phone

Need to talk to Tika about your child's academic needs? Click to call us below and we can guide you. Let us become an ally in your child's academic growth and make a direct impact on their success.

first 1 hour appointment

If you want to try us out, book an individual session where we can have some time to chat with student and parent(s), then leave a little time with just the student to get acquainted with their grades, classes, and current academic struggles. 

buy package

To start tutoring, you can buy a online group membership or private tutoring package. Group tutoring is 1 day/week  and private tutoring is recommend 1-3 days/week. Both have a zoom and in-person option

hybrid homeschool

We offer part-time or full-time homeschooling options. These courses are eligible to transfer for High School course credits. Students can get ahead, gain expertise, or gain credit recovery. 

math tutor

Tutoring and teaching is my passion!

I have over 15 years of experience in tutoring and life coaching teens to meet their goals. CarpeDiem tutors will always be here for your child when they need support.
~Tika Haake

Tika Haake is the Owner of CarpeDiem Academics.

She was a D1 Athlete at the University of Iowa, where she received a BSE in Biomedical Engineering.

After gaining experience in holistic health and tutoring, she started a tutoring business because...

teen life coach
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