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academic management - math classes - ACT/SAT Test Prep
ADHD & IEP Support for academic success

The mission

"Welcome to CarpeDiem Academics!
Join our caring community of parents 
and explore our mission to meet our children wherever they may be in their current academic struggles and simply ELEVATE AND EMPOWER! Over the past 15+ years, we have helped countless students not only succeed in academics, but more importantly develop a stronger emotional wellbeing to handle the rigors of the academic system and beyond. Strong mental health starts with a good academic foundation and a better vision for the future. With our Academic Management services, our students receive complete academic course management, homework completion, weekly planning, test prep, time management skills, and confidence coaching.

Check out our services below! With our holistic approach will give your child 
quick clarity on concepts,
build confidence, and revitalize their dormant JOY in learning." 

Let's Seize the Day and make it count!
Tika Haake, Owner 

Our Services

We offer a variety of programs to help your child succeed in school and plan for a bright future. 

want to work with us? follow these steps:

become a member

A free membership will keep us connected, view pricing, tutor schedules, blog posts, email updates, along with booking and make secure payments for your sessions

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tell us more

Tell us a little more about your child and what their current struggles and future goals are. Fill out this form and let's meet to talk about where we can meet them in their journey and make a plan for progress.


Meet with owner of CarpeDiem Academics, Tika Haake and discuss your child's current academics, goals, organization, and motivation. She will use her many years of experience to  make a plan to achieve your child's goals as soon as possible.


After your consultation, you are ready to get started! Choose from our tutoring packages and book 1 or 2 sessions a week directly on our website with one of our tutors. All CDA tutors share the same mission as Tika, so feel free to take any appointment. 

Does your child have ADHD, an IEP or 504 plan? We can help!

At CDA, we have experience in working with a multitude of students challenges. We will make a plan to help them become more organized, confident, and provide a sustainable academic atmosphere. We will go further to help them by developing a plan for IQ & EQ support by blending clear and concise academic tutoring, with caring life coaching. 

math tutor

Owner of CarpeDiem Academics.

NCAA D1 Athlete at the University of Iowa

BSE in Biomedical Engineering

With over 15 years of experience in academic management and life coaching teens, Tika has led CarpeDiem Academics to help so many teens take control of their academics.

Along with offering exceptional tutoring, our mission is to put the joy, motivation, and inspiration
back into your child's life so they build
a more confident and eager future.

~Tika Haake

teen life coach
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