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The mission

We are an elite and personalized tutoring service for students grade school through high school. For over 15 years, CDA has been a leader in providing math tutoring, academic management, ACT/SAT test prep, and full or part-time homeschool consultant.


Our history dates back to when our founder, a passionate educator, saw a need for a more comprehensive and personalized approach to tutoring. Since then, we have been dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals by offering individualized support and resources.


Over the years, we have built a reputation for excellence and continue to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of our students. With a strong history of success, we continue to provide the highest quality tutoring services for years to come. We are passionate about delivering your child a successful future. 

Check out our services below! Our holistic approach will give your child quick clarity on concepts,
build confidence, and revitalize the joy in learning." 

Let's Seize the Day and make it count!
Tika Haake, Owner 

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tell us more

Tell us a little more about your child and what their current struggles and future goals are. Fill out this form and let's meet to talk about where we can meet them in their journey and make a plan for progress.


Meet with owner of CarpeDiem Academics, Tika Haake and discuss your child's current academics, goals, organization, and motivation. Tika will make a plan to achieve your child's goals with the shortest timeline. 


After your consultation, Tika will tell you what programs would best fit your child. Click below to register for Math Tutoring Classes, Academic Management, Homeschooling, or ACT/SAT Prep Class. 

Does your child have ADHD, an IEP or 504 plan? We can help!

At CDA, we have experience in working with a multitude of students challenges. We will make a plan to help them become more organized, confident, and provide a sustainable academic atmosphere. We will go further to help them by developing a plan for IQ & EQ support by blending clear and concise academic tutoring, with caring life coaching. 

math tutor

Owner of CarpeDiem Academics.

NCAA D1 Athlete at the University of Iowa

BSE in Biomedical Engineering

With over 15 years of experience in academic management and life coaching teens, Tika has led CarpeDiem Academics to help so many teens to a brighter future by making better decisions with academics and personal growth.

~Tika Haake

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