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"Tika was a life saver for all my teens. She can tutor math, science, help with papers, and so much more. Her convenient, online programs are a must have for a smooth year."


These are the days of their lives...

Together, Let's make them great!

Welcome! My name is TIKA HAAKE and I am Owner, CEO of CDA.

After working as a BioMedical Engineer, I started tutoring over 15 years ago to pursue my love of learning and teaching. I believe anyone can become an expert in Math, Science, and Paper Writing, but sometimes we need to slow down and get back to the basics. With a great foundation, you can become an expert. I offer SIMPLIFIED ACADEMIC & LIFE COACHING to help students, homeschoolers, or parents. 

You can book private tutoring, join my monthly membership program, and buy courses you can watch at your convenience. 

Through the years, I have helped hundreds of students and realized ANYONE can be an expert in math, if they understand the foundation better and slow down. It is confusing to know who to trust and honestly as a parent and homeschooler of 4 myself, I just want something that works so we are not wasting valuable time digging deeper into a hole with slipping grades! I understand your frustration and I have worked many years to be your answer!  

I will save them time. I will give them clarity.

I am confident you will look no further than my company to fulfill your needs. Through my in-person or zoom appointments and online courses, CDA will be the beacon in your child's educational development. 
In a simple, strategic way, I supply: 
content, organization, confidence, planning, 
test taking skills, and ACT/SAT Prep in a very simplified way to instill life long skills and guidance.
Working with me is easy... become a member to access online content or book a private session.  




CarpeDiem Academics® (CDA) is owned by Tika Haake, an NCAA Student-Athlete & BioMedical Engineering alum from the University of Iowa. For over 15 years, Tika's passion for teaching in a very clear and concise way has resulted in countless successful students and happy parents. Tika's unique approach not only improves grades, but goes beyond to build confident, happy students with better organization, knowledge, and attitude to tackle any class.