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Elite ACT Academy

Full Content review & Strategies to get the perfect score

Want your teen to learn the secrets of how to receive a perfect score on the ACT or SAT?

Then join us! This is our plan:

Weekly, Live Lectures

24/7 Individualized Attention & Feedback

Access our Google Classroom Resources

Practice Tests, Videos, Notes

ACT Power Path Online Courses

SAT Test Strategies and content


Why is this test so important? Isn't it optional anyway?

Did you know every 1 point increase on the ACT (or 50 points on SAT) can give you $10K dollars in scholarships?! Colleges are starting to bring back this requirement because it is a fundamental review for college academic success... I consider them an "insurance policy" on your college investment. Help your child save money and feel confident and ensure they have the best chance of getting into college. 


If your child is a Junior and college bound, rest assured this is the best decision you can make for them. Test prep is an essential part of college success. Don't leave tens of thousands of dollars available on the table! Explore our prep programs below and choose what's right for you. They will cost a fraction of the money you will save for college tuition!


We have the knowledge. We have the secrets. 

let's plan for test prep success

with 15+ years of success, we have the plan, strategy and support that works!

Math Notebook and Calculator


  • Weekly, live meetings on Wednesday nights

  • Office hours Sunday nights (RSVP)

  • Review of all English grammar, punctuation rules, usage, sentence structure, and strategies

  • Math review will go over Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra I & II, Trigonometry and strategies in ACT Power Path Math course.

  • Learn how to manage time in the Reading section by identifying common themes

  • Science review will involve in-depth graph and table analysis 


  • Access to Google classroom with lots of online content, practice tests

  • Understand how to apply all the skills taught in the online course

  • Know what each question is actually testing you on

  • Review all your incorrect test questions and build confidence

  • Learn why the wrong answers are... the wrong answers!

  • Complement your child's current coursework

  • Fills suspect holes in learning

  • Privates can give individualized learning


  • Communicate directly with Tika about struggles and she will give a personalized plan to move your child closer to their goal

  • Access Google classroom with many review tests, videos, practice worksheets, and other materials at your convenience

  • Live, online Zoom option is available to all 50 states 

  • Submit specific questions through Google Classroom and Tika will make a personalized video to correct problems!

Program Details

Program details

Access to My Google Classroom with Test Prep Materials:

  • Feature:

    • Gain exclusive access to my Google Classroom, a centralized hub filled with comprehensive test prep materials for a structured and effective learning experience.

  • Advantage:

    • This resource-rich Google Classroom ensures that students have all the necessary tools and materials at their fingertips, reducing confusion and providing instant access to valuable content.

  • Benefit:

    • By navigating through this organized online space, students can seamlessly engage with tailored test prep materials, enhancing their understanding and preparation for the ACT.

 ACT Power Path Math Course (5+ hours of self-paced, online content ):

  • Feature:

    • Embark on an enriching journey with my online ACT Power Path Math course, featuring over 5 hours of targeted content designed to master the intricacies of ACT Math.

  • Advantage:

    • This comprehensive online course ensures that students not only understand but excel in ACT Math, providing an in-depth exploration of concepts and strategies.

  • Benefit:

    • By immersing themselves in this extensive course, students gain the skills and confidence needed to conquer the ACT Math section, ultimately boosting their overall scores.

1 x Live Lesson on Zoom Each Week:

  • Feature:

    • Participate in a live lesson on Zoom every week, offering direct interaction, real-time feedback, and personalized guidance for students.

  • Advantage:

    • This weekly live session ensures students have the opportunity to actively engage, ask questions, and receive immediate support, fostering a dynamic and tailored learning environment.

  • Benefit:

    • With these live lessons, students not only acquire knowledge but also build confidence, setting them on the path to ACT success.

My Direct Line for Parents/Students to Text Me Anytime:

  • Feature:

    • Enjoy direct communication with my personal line, ensuring parents and students can reach out anytime for immediate assistance, clarifications, or guidance.

  • Advantage:

    • This direct line establishes a seamless connection, providing a quick and reliable channel for addressing questions, concerns, or seeking additional support.

  • Benefit:

    • Parents and students can feel confident in having direct access, fostering a collaborative and supportive partnership throughout the ACT preparation journey.

Weekly Tailored Assignments and Personalized Guidance:

  • Feature:

    • Receive weekly tailored assignments and personalized guidance, ensuring students have a structured path to practice and refine their skills.

  • Advantage:

    • These customized assignments are designed to address individual needs, providing targeted practice that aligns with specific strengths and areas of improvement.

  • Benefit:

    • Students benefit from a personalized learning experience, enhancing their understanding and mastery of ACT concepts through focused assignments and guidance.

1-on-1 Assessment and Review Session:

  • Feature:

    • Engage in an exclusive 1-on-1 assessment and review session, offering personalized insights, feedback, and a deep dive into individual progress.

  • Advantage:

    • This one-on-one session ensures a thorough understanding of the student's strengths and areas for improvement, setting the foundation for targeted and effective ACT preparation.

  • Benefit:

    • Students gain a personalized roadmap for success, with tailored strategies and recommendations provided during this in-depth assessment and review session.




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