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Geometry Midterm Review

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Struggling in Geometry concepts? Having trouble with Proofs? You've come to the right place! Use Tika's Geometry midterm review and set things straight! Tika will go over a Geometry midterm review in detail your child can watch and rewatch to help them prepare. All Geometry concepts are similar, so it won't matter if your child's review is a little different... they will learn all the knowledge to apply it to their final packet. Not only will they receive the online, video instruction, but they will also receive a copy of the pdf notes they can download and print! If your child has struggled in this class, don't hesitate on this one! Once you have purchased the course, we will email you access to the video and pdf. *Be sure to check out Tika's weekly Geometry class for next semester! She makes miracles happen in math :)

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