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How to help your teen cope with uncertainty and change

Just the mention of uncertainty, change, and unexpected events can send us into a tailspin, bringing on feelings of tension, anxiety, worry, and panic. But change, ambiguity, and unexpected events are a constant part of life and should be embraced as they are what provides growth. All of them are normal occurrences that fluctuate in intensity according to the seasons of your life. You may spend the rest of your days fighting against evert obstacle that comes your way or understand the unavoidable truth which is you are given this opportunity to absorb it and let it pass through you. Only you have the power to alter your mindset. So there are a few ideas to deal with the uncertainty well.

Make Plans Instead Of Predictions You set yourself up for disappointment when you establish expectations. Even while you can influence what happens tomorrow, you cannot predict the precise result. If you go into situations expecting the worst, you'll probably feel too downbeat and closed-minded to see and take advantage of chances. If you have high expectations, you'll set goals that are challenging to achieve. Focus on what you'll do to generate the experiences you wish to have in the future rather than expecting the future to provide something specific. Get Assured Of Your Ability To Copy And Adapt The phrase "expect the worst" is not the same as this. It's more about reassuring yourself hat you are capable of handling any challenges that may arise.

Observe Your Emotions Someone's inclination to become mired in his emotions about the uncertainty, not the uncertainty itself, is what bothers them. Once fear takes hold, the person becomes trapped in a loop of emotional thinking. One can think a lot, which could make him restless and depressed.

The key point is that feelings can result from supposition, which can then result in further sensations and speculation. The loop can be broken by identifying the emotion—in this case, fear—and telling yourself: "I can't possibly foretell the future, but I can help create it by encouraging positive sentiments about the possibilities."

Love to you... and your kids :)




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