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developing Test taking skills & strategies from a young age is imperative to a successful academic journey.

Let's face it, learning can be fun, until it's time to take that test! When your child reaches High School, good test prep and test taking skills are really important to get the best GPA as possible. Then soon enough in their Junior Year (11th grade), they will have to take the ACT/SAT if they are college bound. These days, many colleges are not requiring these tests in the admission process. However, please note if you do not take the test, your child will also not be eligible to receive the scholarships that are tied to having a great test score. 

So, why is this test so important?  Well as I just mentioned above, many scholarships are awarded to students who have scored well on these exams (ACT above 25 & SAT above 1200) and have an overall GPA over 3.5. Remember, these colleges are also making an investment in your child's education and want to be sure they can survive the rigorous test taking ahead of them in college as well.  It is so important for us parents to make sure we are equipping them with these skills. Sign up below for your child's specific needs and as always, feel free to call us to discuss in more detail!




Grade school introduces our children to standardized test prep. There are mixed feeling about the time spent on these tests, but we can all agree it is really important to take some time away to not only see your child's progress at their age, but also to begin learning test taking strategies.  Each student will gain invaluable information on how to answer questions on standardized tests including learning strategies, review academics, and taking practice tests. If your child struggles with test taking, or you want to challenge your child to do better on standardized testing, this service is for you.  Your child will learn in stress free, fun atmosphere and we will update you on their progress. 

NOTE: This course is only offered for students younger than entering 11th grade. If you are now a new Junior, you are ready for my College Prep Course!



ACT/SAT College Prep Course

This course provides a great academic overview to get your child ready for their college entrance exams. 

The SAT and ACT are back on track!  There is also no better way to prepare for your first year of college, then by taking this class.  A full English and Math review will give you the insurance on providing a confident start to their first year of college. Students get a complete overview of these entrance exams and learn proven strategies to help them choose the correct answers.  There are many scholarships available to our students, which could drastically help decrease their overall loans.  Helping them perform well on these college entrance exams can save thousands of dollars and is definitely the first step in planning your college adventure! 

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